Jenna Jakes


    I’m a recovering music television junkie. I was also a mix-tape kid who worked my dual cassette player like a pro to create mix-tapes of my favorite songs. Radio seemed like the obvious next step. I am involved in a variety of ongoing projects in radio, music, and writing. I can be found both behind the mic and behind the scenes at NASH-FM doing various things here and there. I especially love exploring everything about the bands and artists. Musically, I am a vocalist with Dudley Birder Chorale and a member of NSAI. I also love to write and give a disclaimer to people I know that texts, emails, and anything in written form from me could potentially be novel length – I fully admit it’s something I am working on.

    In my free time, I’m a home cook and one of those people who share my food pictures online – a lot. One of my newest obsessions is loving yummy burger pictures on Instagram.  Give me a delicious triple cheeseburger with the works and I’m in heaven!

    When not devouring burgers or plastering my friends’ news feeds with food pictures, I spend time with my family and credit them with my sarcastic sense of humor. Life is too short not to see the sarcastic irony of it all in my opinion. Along with the humans, my family has two cats named Sam and Joey. They are three-season cats who would probably prefer the tropics, but live in Wisconsin with us, so they just have to deal with it. I suspect they are plotting our demise with how often they try to trip us in the kitchen. We also want to add a dog into the mix soon because feline murder plots aren’t enough for us; we want variety.

    Finally, I am a huge fan of TV and movies. I grew up on John Hughes and Steven Speilberg flicks,  and find myself perplexed at how similar life can be to the Twilight Zone.

    Thanks for listening!